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The Garden

When Kristina and Tim were searching for a property near the oceanfront in Virginia Beach to begin their latest entrepreneurial endeavor there were only three requirements; it must be on the 17th Street Corridor because of its underdevelopment and potential, the building must be old and have character and the site must have a sizable green space.  The green space would be the linchpin in pulling the whole community/business endeavor together to make this project different from others in Virginia Beach.  A green, garden space would be visual stimulation for guests of the property and continue to implement Kristina’s idea of eliminating the division of outdoor and indoor space. The Gardens would serve as a place of camaraderie and interactivity between the tenant businesses and their employees and guests. Most importantly, the green space is the catalyst in cultivating a different type of business model; one that employs process and product and social and environmental conscience. This is achieved by the individual businesses growing their own products in the green space and harvesting for consumption and sale within their respective businesses. Esoteric and Commune will grow herbs, fruits and vegetables in the garden for their own use. Special events and educational events will be hosted in the space that can be shared by all. With the expertise and help of Veg Out Gardens, a beautiful, inspired, sustainable garden continues to support these ideals.  If this space has just the right amount of aesthetic magic for your event in Virginia Beach, please contact us at

Esoteric – 501 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 – 757-822-6008


The Esoteric / Commune Garden

Winter Crops

The Esoteric Garden Porch

Chefs Table in the Garden

Fruit from the Garden

The Esoteric / Commune Garden

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