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Esoteric is the realization of a VB lovin’ husband and wife entrepreneurial team with a passion for good and rare craft beer and eclectic and curated foods. We also really dig aesthetics and under-designed spaces which we think facilitates a return to the art of food, beverage and conversation. You won’t find a television in our space but you will find some serious charm and preserved architectural detail in our 1920’s era building, back in the days when skilled craftsmanship was what was up.  Esoteric is on the Virginia Beach Historical Registry, a fact we are uber proud of and we hoped to influence and inspire other businesses to also take this path.  We are fortunate to have a very rare and precious, large green space on our property where we, along with our super rad and carefully selected fellow businesses, grow much of our food.  This space serves as a space to gather inspiration, host an event or simply nosh at our outdoor chef’s table.  Oh, and we are just far enough from the oceanfront to get that locals street cred too.  We love our area, a newly appointed Arts and Culture District in the oldest part of VB- 17th Street & Old Virginia Beach Boulevard, once the only gateway to the resort area. Our hood is gritty, underdeveloped and thriving with artisan businesses (at least for now—stay away big development!)

Tim Chastain is a classically trained chef and Kristina Chastain is a legend in her own mind…and hopefully like five others’ too.  While they have both been restaurateurs for some time they have always had a progressive thought model and approach to the industry and are thrilled with all the attention the culinary and beverage scene has garnered these last few years,  thus producing and cultivating many more young, progressive and free thinking chefs and restaurateurs to hit the scene and start moving the industry in a more updated and positive direction for employees, products, vendors and guests. We believe the restaurant industry is an exciting and fulfilling career that is dynamic, high energy, profitable and exciting, not just an embarrassing “in-between jobs” job.  We have a big social responsibility and conscience too, and we’re into doing the right thing for the earth and our fellow humans on it.  We enjoy traveling for inspiration and embrace the European lifestyle where food and beverage are more than just sustenance. We think the dining experience can be celebratory, sensual, intellectual, exquisite and empowering. We wish to respect food and drink, pay homage to its experience and once again facilitate a local community of those that want to be a part of this movement. Our business is sustainable—truly what is a more basic human need than food and drink?  We are self proclaimed Yippies—somewhere between a hippie and a yuppie is where you will find our philosophy.

Are you ready to start a revolution with us?

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