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The Green Space

When the Chastain’s began their search for a restaurant property to begin their latest entrepreneurial endeavor there were only three requirements; it must be on the 17th Street Corridor because of its underdevelopment, the building must be old and have character and the site must have a sizeable green space.  The green space would be the lynchpin in pulling the whole community/business endeavor together to make this project different from others in Virginia Beach.  Luckily, they secured a property that had a beautiful 2300 square feet empty green space. Soon after a master garden plan was erected that includes 30 raised beds filled with organic compost for optimal growth. The Esoteric garden is further enhanced by sharing its space with its fellow tenants, Commune and Roost Flowers whom also share like minded views in organic gardening and its health and aesthetic benefits.

The green space is for sustenance, visual stimulation, teaching, cultural and educational events. It is a beautiful example of camaraderie within a business community, a throwback to the way things once were with food grown and consumed on the same property. Special thanks to John Wilson, Gina Forresta and Kevin Jamison for their thoughtful eye with detail and design. The culmination of all these human energies and ideals has produced a wholly sustainable, fully inspired green space that any and all guests will enjoy. Please contact us to book a unique and exquisite event in the green space that your guests will not soon forget.

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