This is a question often asked, many ask about the literal meaning of the name, many ask about what, exactly, the business concept is. Esoteric’s literal meaning is “understood by few”. A bit secret society-esque, no?

Esoteric seeks to provide a further understanding of craft beers and elevated foods and the contextual experience this provides. Not in some stuffy, snobby way but in a relatable, accessible and empowering way.

Let us get deep for a moment and think about food and beverage, truly what is a more basic and primal need? It even surpasses shelter in the hierarchy of basic human needs. It transcends cultures and geographic locations, it transcends time as something that has always been and that always will be, it has no beginning and no end. There is beauty in that.

Now let us elevate food and drink from a basic need to a fully met need and talk about the shared experience food and drink provide. The food and drink experience can be celebratory, sensual, uncomfortable, lonely, empowering, intellectual, standard or exquisite.

Esoteric wishes to respect food and drink, pay homage to its experience and once again facilitate a community of those that understand and want to be a part of this experience. Esoteric wants to make this experience understood by many, not few.

Esoteric will do this by providing carefully and beautifully selected craft beers and modern American cuisine, that is #WHATESOTERICIS

Esoteric – 501 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 – 757-822-6008

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